JellyfishOPP PCB

This article presents the PCB design of the first prototype of the JellyfishOPP device.

Multiboard layout with KiCad and FreeCAD

Basics on how to design enclosures for multi-PCB layouts using KiCad and FreeCAD.

DORS/CLUC 2024 Badge

Electronic badge for the DORS/CLUC 2024 conference.

JellyfishOPP - Schematic

This article presents the full schematic of the first prototype of the JellyfishOPP device.

Darth Vader's Lightsaber

A toy lightsaber with sound and light effects.

hgDeck cyberdeck

Wrist wearable cyberdeck made for the Hackaday 2022 Cyberdeck Challenge.

JellyfishOPP - Specification

This articles specifies the implementation details of the JellyfishOPP device.


Open hardware measurement device designed to provide advanced, bidirectional power measurements, power optimizations, and battery profiling/simulation.

New Site Design site got a brand new visual design


3D printed fixture for holding a PCB and stencil in place while applying solder paste.

micro USB cable for power?

Evaluation of a few micro USB cables and chargers for power supply

Low power profiling

Measuring power usage of low power devices.


Generative art installation


Double pendulum mechanical installation


A small Raspberry Pi based handheld terminal with a 3.5" display and a keyboard.

Faking date/time in Python

Faking date/time in Python (for fun and profit)

Dancing Laminette

Dancing chair interactive installation

Turing machine

Hardware model of a Turing machine


Interactive art installation


simple MIDI triggered sample player for STM32F4 Discovery board

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