(Re)interpretation is a video installation which models a distortion of message in noisy channel. This process is present in any type of communication, human or machine. Popular game called Chinese whispers (aka "broken telephone", "telephone") is based on this idea.

Noise is any distraction that can alter or distort the message en route. Radio static, call waiting, or loud talkers in a movie theatre are good examples of noise in the media communication context. (source)

(Re)interpretation was publicly shown at "Make.me / Hack.me" exhibition in Zagreb.

Video and images



(Re)interpretation consists of a projector projecting an image with message on the wall and a camera that reads back a message. Channel noise (people passing in front of projection, glitchy letters) distorts a message which is then processed ("read") with OCR software (Tesseract OCR). Whole system is run on Raspberry PI computer.

Software consists of a simple web server which serves an image (web page) to be projected on the wall and which also triggers image capturing and processing. Backend software is done with Bottle, a simple Python micro web-framework. Source code is available at Bitbucket.


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