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RWMA (Ruby window manager addons) is a modular system for adding various keyboard driven actions to (usualy minimalistic) window managers, inspired by ruby-wmii. Its main purpose is launching programs and displaying notifications but can be expanded with plugins (for example translation, music player control, volume control).

dmenu and dzen are used for input/output


rwma can be downloaded from

Older versions


All documentation is in README file.


  • 2010/05/28, version 0.14, added program list caching, fixed some glitches, made AUR package
  • 2010/03/19, version 0.13, added reload_config option, Killer plugin and fixed Volume plugin
  • 2010/03/05, version 0.12, fixed EUdict Ruby1.9 compatibility
  • 2010/03/05, version 0.11, fixed compatibility issues with Ruby 1.9
  • 2010/03/04, version 0.1, initial release

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