VocProc is a LV2 plugin for pitch shifting (with or without formant correction), vocoding, automatic pitch correction and harmonizing of singing voice.

VocProc is released under GPLv2 licence.

VocProc screenshot


2010/02/18, I've decided to abandon development of standalone version and maintain only LV2 version of VocProc, starting from verion 0.2

2010/02/03, Jeremy http://linux.autostatic.com has made little soundclip using (among other things) VocProc. It can be found here

2010/02/03, Ubuntu Karmic packages available at https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra/+sourcepub/950775/+listing-archive-extra. Info about adding this repository can be found here (thanks to Jeremy and Philip).


VocProc source can be downloaded from:

Standalone version (not maintained anymore): http://f.hyperglitch.com/vocproc/VocProc-0.12.2.tar.gz

Building and requirements

To build it you need to have installed gtkmm-2.4, lv2-c++-tools and fftw3. These packages are also available in most distro's repositories (note to Debian/Ubuntu users: you need to get dev packages. AFAIK lv2-c++-tools is not in standard repositories so you'll have to compile it yourself. It requires libboost-dev for building).

README file.

Building process:

(edit the Makefile if needed)
> make
> make install


> make uninstall

Note: It is possible to build VocProc with or without vocoder functionality. This is described in README and Makefile files.


  • reduce the oscilation between tones on tone transitions
  • improvement (optimization) of pitch detecting algorithm
  • MIDI control (maybe)
  • various optimizations
  • ...


  • first release as a LV2 plugin so we'll see...


  • 2010/02/18, version 0.2, first release as a LV2 plugin. Fixed GUI (switched to Gtk, added dropdown menus for scale selection, visual indication of offset from desired tone and few other things). Everything else pretty much unchanged.
  • 2010/02/02, version 0.12.2, fixed some things I messed up last time when I was fixing things
  • 2010/02/01, version 0.12, solved crashing problem on Ubuntu (memory allocation in JACK processing callback - kudos to Gabriel M. Beddingfield)
  • 2010/02/01, version 0.11a, added pkg-config support
  • 2010/01/31, version 0.1a released


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